Sam Smith - Fire On Fire 歌詞 和訳で覚える英語表現


Sam Smith’s emotional vocals feature on the BBC and Netflix’s mini-series ‘Watership Down.’ The series is an adaptation of the novel Richard Adams published in 1972. The story is a brutal tale of the small group of rabbits living in the town of Watership Down in Hampshire, England. The new song “Fire On Fire” is a song of love perfectly synced within the chaos that unfolds in the music video.

This new track comes after Sam Smith’s collaboration with Calvin Harris on the upbeat single “Promises.” The mini-series ‘Watership Down’ is available on Netflix on December 23, 2018.

Sam wrote on his social media site that he is ‘so honoured to be part of the new @bbcone/Anetflix adaption of Watership Down. This story is so powerful and timeless and it’s been thrilling to work on a song for it.’ Though the critics' response has been mixed the comments on social media from listerners has been almost 100% enthusiastic and complimentary.

The song was written by Sam alone without collaborating with his usual partners and has his distinctive melodic style.

Plot Summary:
This is a story of a group of hares/rabbits fleeing from their warren in a war-stricken England. They try to seek salvation and survival in the town of Watership Down amidst all the natural and man-made chaos.

We get a rabbit’s POV of the world that we humans usually fail to see. They endure attacks from different prey such as birds, foxes, dogs, and even human hunting. They struggle with railway tracks, human traps, natural traps, hunting dogs and the list goes on. The group even suffers struggles within themselves as intense arguments lead to murders as well. In the video for “Fire On Fire” we get a closer look at this group of rabbits and the result is too tragic to tolerate.




大阪観光大学国際交流学部池田 和弘教授の日経ビジネスオンラインの記事でも洋楽の歌詞で英語を勉強した学生の話が取り上げられていました。彼の何千人もの学生や社会人の教え子の中で、明らかに日本人離れした、素晴らしい英文を書く生徒がいたらしいのですが、その学生さんは洋楽の歌詞で英語を英語を勉強してきたようです。その文章は、語句の使い方が日本人離れしていたというのです。


Source: 日経ビジネスオンライン








I don't say a word
But still, you take my breath and steal the things I know
There you go, saving me from out of the cold

Fire on fire would normally kill us
But this much desire, together, we're winners
They say that we're out of control and some say we're sinners
But don't let them ruin our beautiful rhythms
'Cause when you unfold me and tell me you love me
And look in my eye
You are perfection, my only direction
It's fire on fire, mmm
It's fire on fire

Source: Sam Smith – Fire on Fire Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

  • You take my breath away - 息ができないくらいあなたに夢中
  • There you are.=There you go - (1) さあどうぞ(お取りください[召しあがれ]). (2) 《口語》 そらそのとおり[私の言うとおり]だろう. (3) 《口語》 (真相は)そんな具合さ 《しかたがない》
  • save ~ from - ~を…から救う
  • on fire「火がつく」や「火事になる」「熱狂的になる」や「素晴らしい」
  • unfold -【自動】 〔折り畳まれた物が〕開く、広がる 〔つぼみなどが〕開く 〔物語などが〕展開する ・The tragic drama unfolded. : 悲劇が起きた。 〔見えていなかった物が〕姿を現す 【他動】 〔折り畳まれた物を〕開く、広げる 〔未公開の情報・考え・計画などを〕公表する、明らかにする

でもまだ君に惚れている 僕の知っているものを盗んでいった
でも, saving me from out of the cold

Fire on fire 普通なら君を殺すだろう
このあふれる欲望, 一緒なら, 僕たちは勝者
'Cause when you unfold me and tell me you love me
And look in my eye
君は完全 僕の唯一の道しるべ
It's fire on fire, mmm
It's fire on fire