The Game - One Night 歌詞和訳


One Night

One Night

  • ザ・ゲーム
  • ヒップホップ/ラップ
  • ¥250




[サビ・コーラス: Andrea Martin]
I only fuck wit'chu, on two occasions
お前とファックできるのは 2つの状況のときだけ

When I'm drunk, when I'm high
飲んでるか ハイになっているか

I would be broke, if I would be wit'chu
俺はブロークになる もしお前といたら

That is why it's fo' one night




occations : 出来事、場合、大事な行事、好機、チャンス

be drunk : 酔っぱらう

be broke : 一文無しになる、破産する





[The Game]
I'm a motherfuckin' gang-bangin' nightmare,
おれはクソな ギャングバングの悪夢

Wake up motherfuckers!
起きろ マザファッカー

I traded in my white Nike Airs,

For a red pair of Converse, back to the hood,
赤のコンバースに フードに戻る

My own niggaz actin' like I turned my back on the hood.

I used my rap money to put crack in the hood

Even brought the nigga Dr. Dre back to the hood.

I showed niggaz the Bentley then let you drive it,
仲間にベントレーを見せて 運転させた

Gone for two days and I ain't even check the mileage.
2日間も ガソリンのことなんか気にしなった

When we was fightin' with Crips it wasn't about no dollars;
俺らがクリップとファイトしてた時 金のためじゃなった

It was about sellin' dope to put our kids through college.
ただドープなのを売って 子供を大学へ行かせようと

I'm sittin' on the block, reminiscin' for hours,
ブロックで7座って 思い出に何時間も更けて

Wipin' my tears cause now half of my niggaz is cowards.
涙の目をこすり 俺のniggazの半分は臆病ものだから

And I was still fuckin' with niggaz, after I got shot,

and didn't get one hospital visit.

My homey Snoop told me it'd be days like this,
俺のホーミー スヌープは そんな日々だったと言った

It hurt my heart, to say this shit:

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[The Game]
Red bandana in my back pocket, I'm for real,
This ain't a pastel color khaki suit, and I ain't Pharrell.
I don't front about shit I pull my gun up out shit;
And let everythin' fly to keep my son up outta this.
I thought you loved me nigga, talk is cheap;
Remember, the bulletholes in my son's car seat?
My baby momma found four shells, I ain't get
one "Keep your head up", all I got was "Keep it real."
Keep it real my niggaz?
Last year alone I spent one point five mill' on my niggaz!
After the bullshit, I stayed right there;
Took you to award shows, "There go J right there."
"Where?", "Right there!" I had all you niggaz in suits,
Cleaner than a pair of fresh Nike Airs.
I'm supposed to enjoy this shit, but it's quite clear;
The last twelve months been a fuckin' nightmare!

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[The Game]
This shit worse than arguin with my bitch;
I done been through more ups and downs, than a Impala switch.
Get'cho hand out my pocket nigga, go fish;
I was born by myself so I don't owe y'all shit!
Nigga you tell me, what'chu want me to do;
Drop my son off at home and come bang wit'chu?
Oh, now it's "Fuck Game", nah, nigga, FUCK YOU!
...I put that on my life, matter fact, that's on Piru.
And the reality is, I could die too,
And end up in the cemetery, right beside you.
We can both rot, angels flyin over my head stone,
But the devils inside yo' box.
You wanted my shine so I gave you ice,
Then I gave you a second chance and you played me twice.
Couldn't be a real homeboy to save yo' life...
I shoulda took Dr. Dre's advice.

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[Outro - Andrea Martin]
Black Wall Street fo' life.
Only fuck with you on two occasions,
When I'm out of my mind, or when I'm high...
I only, fuck with you...