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I Feel Like Dying - Lil Wayneの歌詞和訳の紹介『たった一度でもドラックをやってしまうと、死にたい気分になる』


The Drought Is Over 2 (The Carter 3 Sessions) を聞いていたら出会った曲でした。学生の時に出会った曲です。


Describing the terrible feeling of coming down off drugs. Some people literally get sick and depressed.

Lil Wayne admits to Katie Couric he smokes because he has migraines that make him suicidal. This example amplifies the role drugs play on his life.

“Drugs” could also be partying, hotel rooms, girls etc. and when that ends, he’s alone again which causes him to feel like dying.


Only once the drugs are done
That I feel like dying, I feel like dying

Source: Lil Wayne – I Feel Like Dying Lyrics | Genius Lyrics