Snoop Dogg x Hardwellという組み合わせ



[Verse 3: Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg & Conor Maynard]
Easy on the eyes, dressed to impress
Nonetheless, I guess can say I'm the best
So you can see why, she's my P-Y-T
She in love with the one D-O double G
S-N, just in the nick of time
Champagne, what a twist of line, just in time
Celebrate, raise your glass, and blaze your blunts
And keep giving me whatever I want
I love how you love me
Kissin' and huggin' me

You're where I wanna be
I don't want no company
As long as you comfort me
And stay with me, come with me
But do it abundantely
Yes, you got a G with you
And I make plans just to be with you
No wishin' well, five star hotel
All kiss, no tell
Now say, Hardwell