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備忘録/洋楽歌詞で英語を勉強する方法を紹介/日記/北米アメリカ・ニューヨーク駐在/商社勤務/1990s/既婚 | 彼の英文は、それまで見てきたどの英作文よりも飛び抜けて英語らしく、私はてっきり彼が英語圏で教育を受けたものと思い、「どこに何年住んでいたの」と聞きました。ところが、それに対して彼は、「いいえ。海外に住んだことはありません」と答えたのです。よく話を聞いてみると、彼は中学に入ったころから大の洋楽ファンとなり、歌詞を懸命に覚えただけでなく、添えられている和訳を読むだけでは満足できずに、辞書などを調べ

高級スーツケースメーカーRimowa GmbH(リモワ)の会長, 社長, CEOであるDieter Morszeckへの10の質問

Dieter Morszeck


Dieter Morszeck, the grandson of Rimowa’s founder, has been making a case for luggage since his teens. After helping develop the world’s first waterproof camera case, Morszeck has kept things light at the German luggage company with a line of aluminum carry-ons and, more recently, a retro-inspired collection set to hit stores this summer.

1. Always listen to your gut. It will never fail you.

2. Best place for a business lunch Taku at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne for its authentic Asian cuisine. And if you’re short on time, it offers a healthful three-course lunch that takes only 59 minutes.

3. In business, now’s a good time to try new things and make discoveries.

4. In my carry-on you’ll find an iPad. It’s a fantastic symbiosis between high tech and design.

5. My eureka moment Discovering polycarbonate as a material for luggage. We went into the development department and jumped up and down on the shells like kids.

6. What I had to learn on the fly How to work with and manage people from all over the world. Everyone is unique.

7. My business mantra I don’t need to be the biggest – but I try to be the best.

8. The biggest risk I ever took was investing in the testing and manufacturing of new luggage material. But it paid off.

9. My go-to gadget My iPad goes everywhere.

10. Window or aisle? Both! But as a pilot, my favourite seat is in the cockpit.

Source: Out of Office: Dieter Morszeck | Air Canada enRoute



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