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The Beautiful & Damned - G-Eazy Featuring Zoe Nash 歌詞 和訳で覚える英語

Music Video サビ・コーラスの歌詞で覚える英語 [Chorus: Zoe Nash]Ever seen a devil with a halo?Ever seen an angel with some horns?Everybody got their own demonsEverybody fightin' their own war, oh halo - (聖像などの頭部(時に…

G-Eazy Featuring Drew Love - Love Is Gone 歌詞 和訳で覚える英語

Music Video サビ・コーラスの歌詞で覚える英語 [Chorus: Drew Love]It's hard to sleep these daysThe sounds of all the screams keep me awakeLove is gone, love is goneBend until we break, stand by and watch us all go up in flame…